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Zimbabwe Alleged Of Having Forced Labor In Diamond Mines

The import of rough diamonds was banned by the US government in Zimbabwe earlier this month. The reason was many concerns were raised saying that forced labor is used in the African nation’s mines.

Zimbabwe dismissed all the allegations by naming it a shameless lie. The secretary of information called Nick Mangwana spoke on the case. He said that the US has no evidence regarding this case. All of the allegations are due to Washington being misled

The minister of justice, Ziyambi Ziyambi, was even blunter. He said that the government never let any alone child work in the field of the diamond. He also added that maybe any political agenda is behind these false allegations.

The Marange diamond field is known as one of the biggest and wealthiest areas of diamond reserves. It is the crucial revenue earner for the whole country in case of dire economic straits.

The employment practices cited by the US, where individuals looking for work in diamond mines bribe security officials. Afterward, they can to go inside the secure area.

According to Brenda Smith of the US customs and border agency when an individual goes inside, he is no more allowed leave. All the workers are punished either physically or sexually if they resist or argue for leaving.

This is not the first time Zimbabwe is abusing human rights. Forced labor is reported in the country’s tobacco mines during the year 2018. The US government also released a report the previous year on child labor.

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