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Zayn Malik and Zahvia, up to something big for Aladin movie

We all are well aware of zayn malik reputation in the singing industry. His fan following is in all around the world, and he has become a successful singer in his early ages. He was part of the one direction famous music band. He started singing in his early age as in the age of 17 he auditioned for X factor as a singer. After some time he joined one direction and became very popular in the world. In 2015 he left the band and now he has just released his solo album recently. Coming back to the news zayn malik is going to work on a song with Zhavia “A whole new world” for Disney’s upcoming animated movie Aladin.

Unbelievable for Zhavia working with zayn

According to zhavia, when her manager received mail from zayn’s manager, she thought it’s fake. But after researching when she found out that it was legit, she couldn’t believe it. Zayn is a very big star and very popular singer, and Zhavia wasn’t imagining working with him.

She said she couldn’t believe it for a long time and it is a great opportunity for her to work with such a reputed star. We have already seen zhavia and Zayn on the red carpet a few days back. And now they are working together on this big project. As far as the song is concerned people are already following it and without any doubts, they are going to rock it as always.

ALADIN is an old legend

We have all heard about Aladin’s story, and we have seen many movies and novels about this fictional story. That is why people are already following this movie, and with big names joining the movie, it becomes bigger than before. Disney has always created wonder movies, and they are always hit on box office. As far as this movie Aladin is concerned, it is going to be a big hit for sure. People like to watch animated movies because it reminds them of their childhood,

And most children watch animated movies. Movies like this legend Aladin are more likely to become popular fast. Because people already know about this story, they would like to watch it as a movie. Well, we don’t know the story for sure; it might be different from the legend or could be the same. We have to wait for the trailers to come out to see what is going to get from Disney.

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