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World Mental Health Day Sheds Light on Worrying Rates of Youth Suicides

World health organization (WHO) has marked 10th of October as world mental health day. It is celebrated in the wake of alarmingly increased mental disorders.

WHO first observed this day on 10th October 1992. It aimed at spreading awareness about the mental health across the world.

Alarming statistics of suicides:

Every year, WHO links a theme with this day. Hence, suicide prevention is the theme of the day in 2019

The reason behind selecting this theme for the day is the skyrocketed rates of suicides throughout the world.

According to the recent reports of World Health Organization, 800,000 people die of suicide every year in the world. Every 40 seconds a life dismisses.

The report has declared the suicide as the leading cause of deaths. The proportion of deaths through suicides is greater than deaths through genocide and war.

A well established link exists between the mental health and suicides in developed countries. The experience of violence, abuse and disaster leads to suicidal behaviors.

Recommendations of WHO:

World Health Organization has also released some recommendations to bring a downfall to the suicidal behavior. Individuals and society at large can equally contribute in the efforts.

Here are some suggestions which can help in discouraging the culture of suicides.

  • There should be a reduced access to the means of suicide
  • Media reporting should be highly responsible on the topic
  • Educational institutes can play a very important role. They should be vigilant all the time.
  • There should be training of non professional workers in the assessment and management of suicidal behavior.
  • Families should play role in early identification of the illness so that proper treatment can be given to the patients.
  • There should be a follow-up care for people who attempted suicide.
  • Support of community is also significant in this regard.

Since it is very hard for the coming generation to cope with the challenges of 21st century, the global community needs to focus on the mental health of the people all over the world.



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