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Woman Shot On Face While Performing At A Wedding

An Indian dancer is hospitalized after being shot on her face. According to sources, the reason was that she stopped performing at the wedding.

Videos of the incident showed the woman performing on the stage. Suddenly she paused and was shot on face. She fell on the scene after the shot.

The police department identified the man who shot the woman in the event through the video.

The location of this incident is a village named Uttar Pradesh. A wedding was being celebrated on December 1.

A video was made of the incident that spread like fire on social media afterwards. But came into notice after a few days of the event.

The police department is hoping to arrest the culprit soon.

In India, wedding violence is a common phenomenon still present in different areas. Guests at weddings carry guns with them. They use the guns to fire in the air as a sign of celebration.

But the violence, of course, is a phenomenon that needs to end.\

Similar incidents like the recent happened previously in the country as well. A pregnant woman was killed after being shot in the stomach back in 2016. She was also shot while performing at a wedding.

Besides, some of the incidents happen by accident. They usually occur while guests are firing in the air.

A man from Punjab killed one of his neighbours in the same way while firing in the air in 2018. Such incidents happen quite often in the country, mostly during wedding celebrations.

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