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Video Upload By Saudi Arabia Labelling Feminism As Extremism

One of the accounts of Saudi Arabia’s state security agency posted a video categorizing feminism as extremism. The agency says that it was a mistake.

It was a promotional video comprising of content regarding homosexuality and atheism as bad ideas. The video warned Saudi citizens to be careful against them.

According to reports, the video is still under investigation. They say that Saudi Arabia is trying to present its image as most repressive countries around the globe.

The video was posted previous weekend on Twitter. It is an animated clip on State security presidency’s Twitter account.

It was reported directly to King Salman by the security agency. The agency complained about the video saying that the video maker did not accurately do his job. It had a lot of mistakes.

Other than this, a statement by the Saudi Human Right Commission is against the issue as well. They said that feminism was not an issue.

However, they gave no statement regarding atheism and homosexuality.

Amnesty International also criticizes the video. It is very harmful, says Heba Morayef from Amnesty International. Moreover, it can have severe implications for the right to freedom of life, liberty as well as security in the country.

There are no written laws in Saudi Arabia for sexual orientation or gender identity. Judges use the principles of Islamic law in the case of extramarital sexual relations and other immoral acts.

The government of the country lifts different bans for women. Now, they have permission to apply for passports. Also, they can travel independently without taking permission from men.

The country provided them other benefits as well in case of birth, marriages, and death. However, still, they are facing many other restrictions in their lifestyle.

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