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Vaping Is Leading To Severe Lung Diseases And Even Death

US health officials are investigating several cases of lung disease. Most of these cases are linked with the usage of vaping. The cases are not only found in the United States but across 25 states in the world, putting the vaping business in crisis.

All centers for disease control and the food and drug administration require more information so that they can find the relationship between vaping and reported illnesses.

According to these agencies, the relationship cannot be linked to the usage of a single product by now.

In many of the observed cases, patients are reporting the use of THC and CBD. These are the products found in cannabis.

Vaping linked to deaths

Not only cases of lung diseases are reported, but a few deaths happened as well. Up till now, more than seven deaths have occurred. These deaths are said to be associated with the usage of e-cigarettes. Such cigarettes consist of substances like nicotine and marijuana.

E-cigarettes are not banned in several states and are being sold for years. Before such an issue never became a concern. But such cases are now increased the recent years leading to deaths. Hence it has become a concern.

Who is being affected?

Different health departments are doing investigations. They found that the victims of such cases are mostly adolescents. Many healthy young men ended up in hospitals under intensive care.

Most people who did not survive were adults.

Victims of usually vaping experience coughing. Coughing gets worse, leading to shortening of breath up to the point that they need hospitalization. Symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and fever are also observed.

The causes of this illness are still not found and are being investigated. No vaping device has been found yet that can be linked to every case.

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