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US Slaps Sanctions on Turkey over Syria Offensive

US sanctioned two Turkish ministries and three government officials in response to the Turkish invasion in north-eastern Syria.

President Trump also phoned Turkish President Erdogan and demanded immediate truce.

Standpoint of US:

US treasury secretary on Monday evening described the sanctions as very strong. He also claimed that the sanctions would have a severe impact on Turkish economy.

The US treasury released a statement which said that the Turkey’s actions are endangering the innocent civilians and destabilizing the region.

Further the statement said that the Turkey’s incursion would prove to be an effort to undermine the efforts of containing IS.

Additionally, the vice president Pence also warned that the sanctions would continue and would worsen until the ceasefire.

Moreover, he reiterated that the sanctions would force Turkey to embrace immediate ceasefire and stop the violence in the region.

In his press talk, he asked the Turkish government to negotiate a long term settlement of the issue between Syria and Turkey. He also clarified in his statement that US had not given a green light to the Turkish invasion in Syria.

Early on Monday, European countries also suspend the arms exports to Turkey.

Situation on the ground:

According to UN humanitarian agency, the concurrent turmoil in Syria has displaced up to 160,000 civilians.

Added to it, the agency told that the number might rise in the coming days.

Reports say that the recent incursion caused the death of 50 civilians inside Syria and another 18 over the border in southern Turkey.

Kurdish forces have confirmed the deaths of 56 of their fighters.

On the other hand, Turkey says that four of its soldiers and 16 pro-Turkish Syrian fighters have been killed in Syria.

Last week, president Trump abruptly pulled out dozens of troops from the pockets of north-east of Syria.

Therefore, it paved the way of Turkish operation in Syria.


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