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US Congressional Subcommittee to Focus on Occupied Kashmir in Hearing on Human Rights

The chairman of house subcommittee on Asia, Brad Sherman, issued a press release on Sep 30. The press release announced to hold hearing on human rights in South Asia.

The press release stated that it would focus on the human rights situation on Kashmir.

Concerns of Congressional Subcommittee:

The press release highlighted that many political activists had been detained and the daily life facilities such as internet, telephone communications had been interrupted.

This hearing on human rights in south Asia will be held by US congressional subcommittee on Oct 22. The focus will be on Kashmir.

It will also review the humanitarian situation in the occupied Kashmir. It will also look on whether the Kashmiris have adequate supply of food, medicines and other essentials of life.

Last week, US congressmen also showed concern over the detention of large number of political leaders. They hoped that they would see a rapid action by Indian government on lifting the restrictions and communication blackout.

According to them, the communication clampdown in 21st century must be condemned. They also expressed a hope that the Indian government would release all of the detained politicians and social worker.

One of the congressmen shared his personal experience of encounter with some of Kashmir based Americans.

He asserted that Kashmiris across the world were suffering from mental anguish because of their inability to get in touch with their families back in Kashmir.

Backdrop of Kashmir Insurgency:

The Indian government stripped the special status of occupied Kashmir by repealing the article 370 of the Indian constitution. Hence, the action ignited the protests in Kashmir.

People came out in agitation against the action of India and asked for the independence of Kashmir.

Meanwhile, the Indian government poured a huge number of troops to the valley to restrict the expected demonstrations.

There was a complete media blackout in order to keep the world away from the actions of India.

Thus, the communication blackout in Kashmir urged the international community to intervene in the matter. Therefore, the US congressional subcommittee announced a hearing on human rights in south Asia.

The hearing will also focus on other issues: Tamils of Srilanka, human rights situation in Pakistan and the situations of Muslims in Assam.


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