UFC 238: Tony Ferguson Beats Donald Cerrone Via TKO With Full Force

The UFC started off with the momentum and while come to a striking halt in the main card’s third fight of the night. In the meantime, when Tony Ferguson is a drill to Donald Cerrone in the nose, then striking comes.

First, following the punch that gives to a disoriented Cerrone made the fault of blowing his bloody nose. Also, that’s why he already injured in the right eye to swell up to a point, and the doctor immediately ordered to stop the fight. Since the late punch tagged the nose of Cerrone, and not the eye and Ferguson is awarded the fight by TKO.

Additionally, the fight of Cerrone Ferguson is added to 238 to explain the card and not disappoint. Also, want to the finish, and Ferguson is want to show because why he should be universally recognized. In the meantime, he recognized as the top contender to whoever emerges whereas Lightweight champion. Also, the unorthodox style of Ferguson, strength, and all power operate in the best category.

Henry Cejudo is Flyweight champ and Bantamweight champ

Further, for the vacant Bantamweight title of men in the main event. Also, Henry Cejudo overpowers a terrible opening round to control Marlon Moraes. Now, Cejudo is the Bantamweight champ and flyweight champs, but instead of Champ Champ. Furthermore, he is the “Triple C” of his two UFC championships where his Olympic championship in like of a gold medal.

In the same way, Cejudo is rattle off his “hit list” of correct opponents and including Dominick Cruz. Also, we add Cody Garbrandt and Urijah Faber. Similarly, announcing another work to go up to 145 pounds. In the same way, they win the Featherweight title. Now, it will be very interesting to see when the UFC drops the flyweight division. Similarly, they put its muscle besides Cejudo in the bantamweight division.

Additionally, that is the story of 238 will remain the short-changed nature. It changes the nature of the Ferguson-Cerrone fight and the domination of Shevchenko.  Moreover, Cejudo is continuing his climb up because of the mountain of top combat warriors in the world.

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