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Donald Trump calls Brett Kavanaugh beyond reproach:

Trump calls Brett Kavanaugh beyond reproach

Donald Trump with his full confidence and being ‘hundred percent’ sure says that the woman accusing Brett Kavanagh of sexually harassing her has named the blameless person.

Kavanagh was assured by the Senate on Saturday with 50-48 votes. His nomination for Supreme Court was delayed for weeks because of the affirmation of sexual misconduct and drunken behavior during his high school and college life.

Christine Blasey Ford doesn’t seem to have plans to further chase the allegations against Brett Kavanagh. Her lawyers are reported to have said that Professor Ford has not demanded anything to be sorted out for her. She admitted the incident of her being harassed by Brett. Because she was supposed to be answerable before the FBI and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Christine doesn’t really want Brett to be impeached. Ford admits that she is of great confidence regarding testifying her and she feels regretless.
Whereas, Trump blamed Democrats for accusing Kavanagh of what he’s already blamed for. He called it a ‘horrible attack that nobody should have to go through’. Trump flashed two thumbs when he got to know about the confirmation of Brett Kavanagh by the Senate to the Supreme Court. He called that moment ‘very exciting’ for him.

Trump also commented that this could be one of the brilliant decision taken by Supreme Court Justice. However, he kept on praising Kavanagh by saying that there had not been any ‘squeaky clean’ like Kavanagh.

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