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Trudeau’s Liberal Party Won But Lost The Majority In Elections

The liberal party of Justin Trudeau has retained its power again in a narrow Canadian election. But he will be the prime minister of a minority government from now onwards.

His party is projected to win 157 seats, 13 out of the majority. It will be harder now for Trudeau to pass legislation in his second term.

The party in liberal’s opposition is expected to win the popular vote this time. Translation into the seats is not complete yet.

There was observation of a sharp decline in seats on Monday night’s result. The fall left-leaning New Democratic Party, its leader, Jagmeet Singh who can become the kingmaker.

The New Democratic Party is expected to take 24 seats in the 338-seat parliament.

Another party named Bloc Quebecois competed in the single province and fared much better. According to sources, the party will take up to 32 seats. It won 10 seats in the previous election held in 2015.

Justin Trudeau addressed the voters in Montreal. He said that voters rejected division and negativity. All votes by them were in favour of an agenda and intense action based on climate change.

Trudeau also thanked the supporters for having trust in him. He said that he would move the country in the right direction.

Different factors played their role in declining the popularity of Trudeau. Due to his support for the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion project, his environmental records remain undercut.

Also, his vow to institute federal electoral reform abandoned quite quickly. But still, according to an independent assessment, Trudeau kept more than 90% of his promises. It is more than any of the obligations held by previous Canadian governments.

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