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Three things we learned: Totten Hemway Wolves

Three things we learned: Totten Hemway Wolves

When a family is hosted in London, it always plays weird, when something like this happens because of a two-party housebreak

Perhaps this was an extra weird thing for Tottenham Hotspur, considering that the place they used to call home was performing well. Still, as Raoul Jimenez scored his fifth goal of the game after 73 minutes, and the Wolves were ahead for the first time in the match, you wondered why the Spurs decided to put one of their own most ridiculous events on Sunday. In the afternoon they had quiet accommodations in more cultural residences on offer. It was never going to end.

Twice he took the lead. They were stopped from playing within 15 minutes twice before their guests cheered on their spending. What would make matters worse after the 10th league defeat was that it was not a good game for the Wolves to win back?

Definitely, on reflection, it felt like the perfect time for Spring XI – hurt because it was before Hugo Lori (Engri) and Toby Elder Welland (rotation) were confirmed. stodgy. Even if there were four changes to the team that started against Espanyol on Thursday, the club’s 46th match of the season in the legs had robbed them of their usual lack of interest.

There are better stages than these two, so no one else can afford to worry about showcase programs. There was less than a fifth naturally available holiday (spurs) and eighth (wolves) interested in Champions League football’s potential carrots. Who now reads seventh and sixth respectively after this 2-3.

Although the initial threat was eliminated, an immediate outburst within half of the Wolves allowed Giovanni de Selso to set Serge Oire ahead of the opposition’s backline. Dale Eli forced the rescuers of Rui Patricio to follow the six guards at the ensuing cross with Bergen.

The equalizer arrived 14 minutes later and a clever one-two over Diego Gotta and Robin Winagari on the left side made a humorous air kick from Eric Dyer on the near post, which meant that Jeff Tanganga only Can wear a wig. Cross in Midriff. Conor Cody, a straight man in the midst of cheerfulness, made his first shot at the wolves’ target, with Golizyaga’s legs pounding.

Mourinho says the Canes can return before the end of the season
Through Oriier’s work, the right side was once again restored in the 45th minute, led by home. This time it was touching the Frenchman’s inside, Winfree urged him to stop the move down the line, and then humiliated the left foot whip, which Patricio could only take in the far corner. ۔

Not willing to go any further, Cody also made sure that when he scored 2-2 12 minutes into the second half with a goal line, he scored with a goal-line for Jota. The occasion was only through Toure’s cheap will, after dealing with it, he went through the coding to enter and offload the gymnasts.

And yet, while it was Jota’s sixth goal in the last three appearances, his most notable contribution was to the goal that led to the match.

A hopeful clearance from the line was cleared by Jotta and then closed on the blind side of Maura. In just a few steps, he was pushing the Spurs’ defense to the point where he didn’t want to be, and with one pass, Jimenez was just boxed up with Tinganga to beat. The Mexican, at the age of 20, has been quietly happy to score 13 league goals in 10 games last season.

Jota had a major role to play in changing the game (PA).
Nevertheless, when the Wolves created solid opportunities, the Spurs could barely muster the signal. There were some sad moments for him in the match. He was the hope of more than substance.

An enormous joy greeted the introduction of the 18-year-old Troy Perth at 90 minutes and it took more time in four minutes after such a loud appeal for handball.

The third the tallest that was defeated by the last seats of the referees was not theirs, though a corner of the stadium was fully enclosed by the rest of the fourteen. The eight London wolves, who have won since being promoted in 2018, enjoyed having their own party at home.

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