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The whirlwind romance of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson is near to ‘split’


The two 24-year old celebrities, Ariana Grande the pop star and Pete Davidson the “Saturday Night Live” comedian, got newly engaged just after setting up new terms of their relationship for a few weeks. But shockingly and surprisingly, their newly established relationship seemed to be over after four months!

TMZ reports that Ariana expresses her tough times after the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, a rapper, who died because of drug overdose, as a reason for the delay in their marriage. She rightly says that this isn’t the right time for holding the marriage ceremony. Also, Ariana is seen to appear less on several social events.

The month of May is known to be the month of beginning of the two cupids’ love journey, which unfortunately ended up after four months. The couple had matching tattoos, but this is nothing as compared to the engagement ring Ariana was wearing, which reportedly cost $1000,000. Moreover, the couple soon moved into a $16 million apartment. The love is in the air!

The couple didn’t feel shy in opening up their personal struggles before entering into a blissful love story. Davidson concluded that he had been going through some mental health issues while Ariana was still going through the post-traumatic stress syndrome rooting from the suicide bombing, killing 22 people, at her concert in Manchester in 2017. Recently, Ariana had to perform for fundraising for cancer research, but she had to back up. Her manager Scooter Braun soothed her in his speech, and told the fans and the audience that she was going through “tough times”.

Well, we hope for the “internet intriguing “couple to reunite, keeping aside their personal struggles they are dealing with. No doubt the internet is trolling over their breakup, but there’s a glimpse that they might come back to where they started.

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