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The Indonesian Lion Air flight JT 610 crashes into the Java sea after 13 minutes of its take off

The all new Lion Air Boeing 737 carrying 189 passengers disappeared after 13 minutes of its take-off from Indonesia’s capital Jakarta early Monday. It experienced a crashing landing into the waters of West Java sea shortly after its take-off, when it had reached only an altitude of 5,200 ft.


lion air plane crash 3

The airliners admitted it had lost contact with the flight JT-610. Yohanes Sirait, a spokesman for Indonesia’s air navigation reported that the aircraft requested the authorities to return to the base and it was given the allowance, but this is after what the aircraft lost contact with the control towers.

The Lion Air flight carried 189 passengers, among which there were 178 adult passengers, eight crew members, two children and a baby, and a pilot and copilot. There is still no surety of the number of victims of this crash.

lion air plane crash

According to the National News Agency, the flight got missing after 13 minutes of its take-off at 6:20 am (7:20 pm ET) Sunday for Pangkal Pinang, the capital of Sumatran island. The flight was routed for 1 hour 10 minutes.

Moreover, the spokesman of CFM International, the manufacturer of the plane’s two LEAP-1B engines, assured it to the authorities that they have been informed of the disappearance of the aircraft but they had no further information which could further assure them of its crash landing.

It is also reported that many ships crossing the sea had confirmed about the leftover of the plane crash and the debris and personal items of the passengers. Now the divers are trying to locate some more leftovers about the wreckage.



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