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Taylor Swift Cancels Her Live Performance In Melbourne Event

Taylor Swift canceled her recent performance that was supposed to happen on November 5. She was supposed to perform at the Melbourne cup horse event.

The event management also announced Taylor’s performance confirmation on their headlines. But it was later on canceled on Saturday by her by citing specific scheduling issues.

Different animal right groups criticized Taylor. They criticized her for endorsing animal abuse.

During the cup events since 2013, six horses have already died. One of them was euthanized on the course previous year after he fractured his shoulder.

VRC chief Neil Wilson said that canceling the concert is very disappointing for everyone. He also noted that pre-cup entertainment is quite essential. So updates will be provided regarding the show.

It is yet not confirmed by cup event’s organizers that who will take the place of Taylor on November 5.

Why does Taylor cancel the concert?

Music promoter Michael Gudinski said that Taylor would be no longer available to make it up to Melbourne’s event. He told that specific changes were made in her Asian promo schedule. Due to these changes, it will be impossible for the singer to be there.

But this is not what everyone believes. The coalition for protection of racehorses says that Taylor Swift canceled the concert because of their campaign. They let many calls for a boycott.

The group posted in their petition last week that maybe Swift is not aware of the cruel reality of horse racing. They also gave another reason in their post for Taylor performing in the concert. The group said that maybe the singer had put money before compassion which led to the agreement.

After hearing the news, the Coalition for the protection of racehorses was delighted. It seems like the singer responded to their calls.

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