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T.I. now feels ashamed of being associated with Kanye West after Kanye’s meeting with Trump


The Atlanta rapper, Clifford Harris Jr., known by his stage name T.I. recently unfriended West in an Instagram post. He commented that once it was a pleasure to work side by side with West. But now I would feel ashamed to work with him in a duet. He has also made sure of this official announcement. In his Instagram post, T.I. wrote that he won’t be continuing his swaggering with his ex-friend West.

He also rejected Kanye’s invitation to join him at the White House meeting with Trump. But Kanye was seen to be the spot of attention of media reporting the Oval Office meeting.

Kanye seemed to be very confident about his words with the President as he summarized their conversation as “it was from my heart and soul”. Rage burning inside T.I could be estimated by his rough words regarding the White House meeting as he regarded it as a “disgraceful and embarrassing act of gaining one’s soul’s attention and power”. He also said that he wouldn’t feel ashamed of slapping Kanye West if he had joined him in the meeting.

Kanye called the 72-years old Trump ‘bro’ and ‘father’ and to which Trump called Kanye ‘a good friend and a good man’. Isn’t it weird? He also became the first person to openly use the word “mother(expletive)” in front of the US President. Well that’s inappropriate.

Being impressed with the revolutionary speech of Kanye, the President concluded, “Kanye can speak his heart to me anytime he wishes to. I see it in Kanye, that he could be a very well presidential candidate.”

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