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Syria Moves Troops towards Turkish Offensive

The official SANA news agency reported that Syrian military has mobilized its troops towards north to counter Turkish offence on Monday morning.

Troops entered the strategically important town of Tal Tamr.

A senior member of Kurdish Democratic Progressive party in Syria said that Kurdish democratic forces were holding talks at a Russian air base in Syria.

In response to his statement, SDF said “no comments”.

According to UK based Syrian observatory for Human Rights, there occurred a deal through which Syrian forces would protect Kurdish held towns of Kobani and Manbij.

US had deployed her troops in both the towns after the alliance cleared the area of IS militants in 2015.

Last week, president Trump’s announcement of withdrawal from Kurdish Syria surprise the international community.

Hence this action made the Syrian democratic force vulnerable to Turkish Army.

France was also one of the main allies of US led coalition fighting IS in the Middle East.

On Monday, France announced that she was implementing the procedures to ensure the safety of French military and civilian personnel.

On the other hand, Turkey clarified its stance that the offense in Syria was to protect itself from terrorists.

Turkey indicated towards Kurdish people’s protection units.

Turkish military also advanced into the center of another border town of Tal Abyad.


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