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Supreme Court Steps Into Aarey Case After Protests

Officials are told by India’s top court to stop cutting trees in the forested area of Mumbai. Protestors came out and said that no more trees are required to be cut for making way for a car shed.

A group of students wrote to Chief Justice on India, Ranjan Gogoi. They told him that tree cutting should be stopped now as there is no more need for cutting them. The top court heard the case after their appeal.

Trees were pulled down in Mumbai to make a car shed for Mumbai metro in the Aarey colony. Twenty-nine activists protested and clashed with police on Sunday. They were arrested but got released after bail.

Officials planned to cut 2,185 trees from the area. They told the Supreme court that more than 1500 trees had been cut. But according to petitioners, more than 2500 trees have been cut by the officials till now.

Students, environmental activists, and residents started complaining, telling authorities that they need to stop.  They even broke through the barricades and entered the colony called Aarey.

Afterward, people were arrested, and the police department restricted public gatherings.

Two judges at the Supreme court heard the matter of Aarey on Monday. After hearing the court ordered the state government of Maharashtra to stop cutting the trees.

Moreover, the court asked the government to maintain the status quo. It means that no construction can take place until the court hears the case again on October 21.

All the activists and protestors are ordered to be released from police custody by the court.

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