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Support the Legitimate right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people

OIC is an organization of Islamic cooperation which held a meeting in Makkah for the 14th summit. In this meeting, all the Islamic state’s representatives come together and discuss these matters of affairs and try to find a solution. Moreover, OIC is a platform for all the Islamic states to support each other in the matters of their problem. In addition to this summit, the issue of Kashmir and Palestine was under focus. As well as OIC appointed Yousef Aldobeay of Saudi Arabia on the post of an envoy on Jammu and Kashmir, for the OIC support for the right of self-determination.

Current issues in the Muslim community world

Furthermore, the meeting was expected to address the “current issues in the Muslim community world.” And also about the “recent development in the numbers of the OIC member states.”

Summit discussed many issues in the meetings, but over the most Palestine was under discussion. Similarly Most of the cornerstone discussion was about Palestine getting its right.

“The cause for Palestinian is the main work of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). And it is the main focus of OIC’s attention. Until Islamic brotherly Palestinians get all their true deserved legitimate rights.” the Saudi monarch said in the summit.

The issue of Islamophobia

The summit raised the issue that Islamophobia is increasing in different parts of the County. Making and spreading false statements about Islam. It is expanding stereotypes against Muslims and making lives of Muslims more challenging in different parts of the world. Racism about Muslim communities is gradually growing. And there is need to take measures to make it stop. The World put many terrorist attacks on Muslims without any proof.

That increase the Islamophobia decreases the value of Muslim countries visa. People do not feel comfortable around Muslim. We have to change this attitude of the non-Muslims toward us and decrease Islamophobia to a significant level.

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