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Suicide Attempt Rates for Black Teens Continue to Rise

A new study found that black teens were increasingly attempting suicides. Researchers at the McSilver institute of poverty policy and research at New York University examined the data.

It collected the data from the centers of disease control and prevention’s youth risk behavior survey.

The researchers analyzed the data on the rates of suicide ideation, planning, attempts, and related injuries among the US.

The survey also considered public and private school students by race, ethnicity and gender.

The report included sample of 540 students from 50 states including multiple races.

Dr. Michael Lindsay, the executive director of McSilver institute said that it was urgent that they get to the bottom of why the rates of suicide attempts among black adolescents were increasing.

Further, he said that it is important to understand why black males were increasingly injured in suicide attempts.

Ironically, the suicide thoughts and planning declined while actual suicide attempts increased.

Lindsey said that there must be research on why the planning rates are declining when the actual suicide attempts increased.

Furthermore, he said that it was important to identify the signs before people end their lives.

Another report earlier this year found that the suicide attempts among youth ages 5 to 17 skyrocketed between 2007 and 2015.

Suicide has been the second leading cause of death among people ages 10 to 34 in US.

The executive director also said that there should be further researches to examine the underlying reasons for these observed changes.


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