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Stop Worrying About Things You Cannot Change

One of the most destructive habit, people possess is being worried about things they can never change. Instead of telling themselves that they cannot control everything, they refuse to accept it. Not accepting it is the critical factor involved in making them anxious about things they can never control and change.

I agree that worries, up to some extent, are part of life. But getting anxious about things you cannot change saps your emotional energy and makes you mentally unwell. Also, it destroys your physical health causing insomnia, headaches, stomach problems, and muscle tension.

Good news is that you are able to train your mind to be less anxious about the things you cannot change. Here are some ways that can help you out.

Find out what you can control

Accept the fact that you cannot control everything. Certain things in life are under your control, like your efforts and attitudes. Recognize them. You have control over the way you spend your time right now.

Whether you socialize or stay isolated, whether you study hard or quit. It’s all under your control, so recognize and put your energy in the things you can control instead of wasting it on things you can’t control.

Let go what you cannot control

Once you recognize the things you can control, forget worrying about the things you cannot. Let it go and learn to go with the flow.

Allowing such thoughts and getting yourself preoccupied with “what-if” statements, you allow your mind to throw away your peace and happiness. 

Get the right support

Talk about things that make you worried and share them with your close friend. It helps you find out whether that thing is worth worrying about or not.

Surround yourself with a positive company and get the right support. People who support you will listen to you and help you get through it. Others will listen to it unconsciously and can help you in no case.


Spend some time of your day for yourself. Go for yoga, tai-chi, or deep breathing. Let your mind be free of distractive thoughts and think about what’s your present and in your control.

It helps to calm your nervous system and prevents hyperventilation that can be due to heightened emotions.

Focus on your present

It is observed that many people face anxiety by focusing on things that are far from their imagination and control. Like some people think about their past and get anxious.

Some spend their time thinking about their future, hoping for it to be better without doing anything in their present.

Stop worrying about what might be or what happened and start focusing on what is right in front of you.

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