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Star Wars: The Rise of Sky Walker Huge News Revealed

Star Wars the rise of Skywalker and its teaser trailer debuted at Star wars celebration. Also, it left a lot of peoples wondering as to exactly where the story is going by JJ and Chris Terrio and exactly how JJ plans to connect this movie to the prequels and the originals and even the star wars rebels. Now, one thing about the movie that aloft of people are looking g forward to are the various cameos in the film. Also, we got one of the biggest ones in the teaser trailer, which is of course, when we heard the laughter of the Emperor Palpatine in the background.

However, Palpatine is going to be quite significant in the story that something we learned from. So, it leaves many people wondering how Palpatine will move the characters of Kylo Ren and Ivry forward. Now, this past couple of weeks ago, we have been learning a lot more about this film. And when it all comes down to one of the set leaks. This is where things became very intriguing involving Hayden Christensen. It can be Skywalker as a character as well as Rey.

Specifically, one of the sequences that filmed for the movie during October 2018 involved Daisy Ridley. Inside of crystal cave that is said to be the entrance of the lost city which is the place underneath of a planet full of Jedi and Sith Relics. Its discard that one of the sequences shot involves the force goes to the voice of Anakin Skywalker guiding Rey through the cave – where JJ Abrams plans to bring in Hayden Christensen to provide lines a dialogue as Anakin Skywalker during June from voice-over work.

It’s said to be a very dark scene. Also, it’s unclear if this is the light side version of the Anakin’s force ghost or hybrid force ghost version. In the film, Rey had a strong connection with the original owners of her lightsaber hilt. That will be a way for JJ of honoring the skywalker a legacy in episode nine. Additionally, there are plans to bringing in Hayden during reshoots, which started later past month. So, one thing we know is that the reshoots for the film began this past April and to June.

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