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Kangaroo bowler Ashton Agar, who the fourth speech of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo a from Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was not just a speech address, the current status of the Mafia-based Pakistanis demands high status of the enemy, and his utopian expression in the universe, the great Turkish leader. He was brought back to Pakistan in severe crisis, he came and then he was Pakistan.

He is not only the most popular leader of the winning Turkish nation but also the most successful leader after being dyed in Turkey’s modern secular and western colors, who, in his ongoing tenure, have taken the first difficult and long step toward real political and economic stability in Turkey. After completing, determine the path that is heading towards the destination today.

It is true that today, in the fall of today, the three Gods, Mahathir Mohammed, Erdo اورan and Imran have emerged out of the deep and anxious environment of the extremist God, who have misplaced this historical statement. It has been shown that “the lesson of history is that no one learns from history”.

The significance of these three Muslim leaders is that they are active leaders in the struggle, taking lessons from history in their politics and keeping in view the history that has been created, who, according to their own domestic situation and their own moods and senses. To solve problems that are not easy to deal with.

Their other common good is that they are leaders of the nation, not only their own party but also the national interest, despite the successes, difficulties, and circumstances of the three.

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Erdo ۔an and Pakistan
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an arrives in Pakistan
To understand where his unique and shared thinking came from the OIC’s stagnation, the following background of his universal reputation must be kept in mind. The formation of the United Nations after the widespread destruction of humanity in World War II was undoubtedly a major milestone in the evolutionary process of civilization.

As such, the United Nations began the universal system and order to create a peaceful and stable global society, with unmatched religion and region and color and ethnicity, a cohesive charter.

For the first time in human history, all the nations of the planet united on a strong desire for world peace and stability, ensuring the independence and sovereignty of the nations, the protection of basic human rights and geographical borders.

Not only Muslims, but many non-Muslim historians and international scholars also agree that the UN Charter’s inspiration is from the last sermon Hajj bye by Syed Al-Anbiya, the city of humanity.

Today, after 75 years, the image of the United Nations charter is shaping up, with its collective attitude and estimation of seven decades contradicting its charter, which is only covered by the WTO’s development agencies covering social development programs in developing countries. It is believed, otherwise, that a few years after the formation of the United Nations, the war dividing Korea, a long war by dividing Vietnam, the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the guise of the Cold War, Afghanistan. , Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Myanmar and Syria desperate for world peace on basic human rights Elsewhere, interference to prevent one’s success, and where interference is inevitable, non-interference, “basic human rights and freedom on” national interests “, the protection of borders, and the agenda are not the same?

The US president has declared the occupation of Israel’s occupied territories, especially Jerusalem, in the conflict of the World Organization, especially against the controversial status of the “Dale of Century”. done.

Mr. Erdogan showing the world the deep roots of Pak-Turkish friendship left deep impressions on India of the Mughal Empire, Mirza Ghalib, the great poet of Urdu literature, Ali brothers of the Khilafat movement, Abdul Rahman who came to help the Ottoman army. Referring to the golden references of history such as Peshawar, it is clear that Pak-Turkish relations have reached the present form as a result of the precious heritage of poet Azam Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

He also clarified the reality of Pak-Turkish relations and the consequences of his departure today that in 1915, when the Turkish army was defending the Cheanak fort, demonstrations, and rallies on this land 6,000 km away from this front. Are listed on the unforgettable pages of history. That is why Pak-Turkish relations are the envy of the world.

We will never be able to forget the way the people here helped Turkey by cutting its belly. Therefore, the status of Kashmir is the same for us as Pakistan.

We, the Pakistanis, are not only empowered by the Turkish leadership to recognize the role of our elders, but they also prioritize mutual consultation and cooperation in the light of this golden chapter of history, forming the policies of security and defense of our brother Pakistan. Is giving

The fact is that Mr. Tayyab Erdogan’s address line was meaningful and it will play an important role in shaping the desired situation in Pakistan, Turkey, and the region. It seems that Erdo ۔an, Mahathir and Imran Khan are on the lookout for a fresh world whose message is real peace and its ambiguityook a hat-trick, told Team India’s player Rockstar

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