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Singer, Summer Walker, Cancelled Half Of Her Tours

A well-known singer, Summer Walker, cancelled more than half of her US tour dates. She had a complete program scheduled for playing in almost twenty-nine cities.

According to reports, she cancelled many of them due to social anxiety. She says that she will play in nine cities, only.

Summer talked about the cancellation on Instagram. She said that finishing this tour will be difficult for her because of social anxiety and her introverted personality.

She said that being a person, she has feelings and get sad and tired.

Besides, Summer told that she would do all she can. She will keep on making music and do a few shows. But completing the tour will not be possible.

Social anxiety is a disorder that makes a person uncomfortable in social situations and gatherings. It is a common problem all around the globe.

People with social anxiety are not able to meet new people, initiate conversations, and work or shop alone. They may feel sick and nervous in-crowd. Also, their heartbeat may increase along with excessive sweating.

The singer is surviving through the same problem as well. It is struggling and hard for her to do things mostly when people are around.

The announcement by Summer appeared on Instagram after she met criticism for her meet and greets. Her fans complained that she was not as affectionate in person as they thought or would have liked.

On this, she said that transferring her energy to people like this can kill her.

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