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Sia Revealed Her Suffering With A Neurological Condition

A very well-known pop star, Sia, is battling with a severe neurological condition. The disease is known as chronic pain that weakens the body’s connective tissues.

Although she is quite secretive about her life, she revealed about EDS. In one of her tweets, she told that she suffered from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It is a condition when one suffers joint pain plus fatigue.

The songwriter is famous all around the globe for her solo performances and songs written for Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Adele too.

Recently she opened up about her neurological condition. In her tweet, she said that people who are suffering pain should keep going. She also said that she loves them and knows that going through grief is not an easy task. Pain is demoralizing, but she ensured that all such people are not alone.

Her tweet received more than 70,000 likes in fourteen hours. Many people appreciated her for being strong and confident. Some praised her and thanked her for sharing the condition.

One of them said that she was facing EDS as well. She said that Sia’s songs are what carried her through different moments in her fight.

There are thirteen types of EDS, according to the UK national health service. The syndrome affects the body’s connective tissues resulting in chronic pain. Some of the types are mild, but others can be severe, leading to disability.

Not only Sia opened about EDS but also about her past. Sia revealed that she was addicted to alcohol and took pain medications in the past. She tweeted about celebrating eight years of sobriety last year.

The singer was diagnosed with thyroid disease by doctors. After that, she received adequate care and got sober with time.

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