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Scientists Developed Artificial Neurons To Repair Human Bodies

New ways to repair human bodies are being investigated for a long time. Scientists have now found a way.

Artificial nerve cells are now created that can repair the human body. They are like small brain chips but performing the function like the real ones.

According to sources, these chips can be used for treating Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

The whole experiment for these artificial nerve cells was conducted by a team from the University of Bath. The team made these chips by a combination of Math, computation, and chip design.

In addition, the main aim was to create something that can perform the functions that nerve cells do naturally in the human body.

The function of the nerve cells in the human body is to carry signals from one part of the body towards the brain and vice versa.

Scientists were interested in creating a replica of neurons for years. Moreover, the reason is that to treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, nerve cells usually die.

A professor from the University of Bath, Alain Nogaret, talked about the research. He told that this research was unique. In addition, the purpose was to transfer electrical features of the brain onto silicon made synthetic circuits.

He also said that the neurons were like black boxes before but not anymore. The team at the University of Bath managed to open them up. The research will serve as a paradigm changer, he said. It is because the study will provide a unique method that can reproduce electrical features of nerve cells in the brain.

The long-time goal of scientists now seems to come true.

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