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School Attack In Finland Left One Dead And A Few Injured

A vocational college in one of the shopping centers in Finland became a victim of a violent attack. The incident happened on Tuesday. One person was killed while ten were injured, according to the police department.

One of the male suspects is in custody, according to a police spokesman. He used a sharp-bladed weapon during the attack. Not only blade, but he was also carrying a firearm when apprehended.

It is not clear whether the suspect used the firearm or not. As he was among the injured too, he is now getting treatment at Kuopio University Hospital of Finland.

A witness reported that he was a student himself. He entered college with the weapon and stabbed several people. Police officers reached the location of the incident and engaged their firearms.one of the officers also faced some minor injuries.

Police say that they cannot comment yet about the motive behind the Finland attack. The whole area involved in the incident is evacuated, and investigations are carried out.

What happened during the attack?

The college where the attack occurred has 600 students and about 40 staff in total. Still, it is not clear about how many people were involved and present at the time of the incident.

One of the witnesses reported that she helped out one female staff who faced a deep wound on her hand. The student attacked her. He took out his weapon and attacked her.

Other students threw chairs at the suspect to escape. Moreover, a few other students were injured while trying to escape from the incident.

Prime minister of Finland, Antti Rinne said that the violence in college was an utterly unacceptable issue. People should have their right to study without any fear of violence.

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