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Sarah Tabar Arrested And Accused Of Blasphemy

An Iranian Instagram star who became famous for going to extreme lengths to look like American actress, has been arrested. According to reports, she posted different posts that showed she had gone through fifty plastic surgeries.

Many of her pictures are full of editing, officials say.

The Instagram star is 22-years old, named Sahar Tabar. She captured the attention of whole media by posting specific pictures and videos. People started calling her the zombie version of American actress, Angelina Jolie.

In her pictures, one can see the sunken cheeks and nose turned up in a cartoonish manner. In addition, she said that she went through several surgeries to look like Angeline Jolie.

Gradually after her fame and growing audience, Sahar also gave a hint. She hinted that the ghost appearance she had was due to digital editing and loads of makeup.

Why Sahar Tabar got arrested?

Judicial authorities arrested Sahar after hearing complaints about her from members of the public. The star is accused of blasphemy. Moreover, she insulted the dress code of the country and encouraged many young minds towards corruption.

After that, her Instagram account was deleted as well.

She is now among the long line of many other Iranian influencers. Likewise, many other Iranian influencers and fashion bloggers have fallen foul of the country’s laws.

Her detention report sparked the online attention of authorities. Different people tweeted about her arrest, and a few were sarcastic as well.

One of them sarcastically suggested that she should have indulged in some less incendiary pursuits like murder or embezzlement.

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