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Samsung’s fold-able smartphone The Samsung Galaxy F coming in March 2019

After a lot of years of rumors and leaks, Samsung finally gave us a sneak peek of the Galaxy F which will be releasing at some point next year probably march. There are a few details about the display which the company unveiled.

The Galaxy F is built like a clamshell design with two screens one on the outside and the other folding one on the inside called the Infinity Flex Display.

The one outside will be a small 4.58” panel with an 840×1960 resolution which makes out an aspect ratio of 21:9 with 420ppi. The secondary screen is a massive 7.3-inch display with 1536×2152 resolution 4.2:3 aspect ratio and 420ppi density.

samsung galaxy f screen

After all these rumors and leaks the concept creator has created an awesome video showing the possible outcome of the Galaxy F which looks stunning.

Keep in mind though this may not be the exact product, the real product could be better or worse looking so take it with a grain of salt as they say.

The Galaxy F is expected to cost about $1770 which will limit sales but Samsung Electronics President DJ Koh believes that the flexible phone will ship at least 1M units.

The Samsung Galaxy F was also rumored to be one of the first phones to have 5G but that’s not happening there will be a separate Galaxy S10 model with such option, which will release after a few months after the normal 4G S10 models.

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