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Salman Khan’s “Bharat” movie all set to release on this Eid

Salman Khan and Katrina’s chemistry is one of the major attractions of the movie so far. They have worked together in many films but and people like their Jodi on screen. They worked in “Ek the tiger” and “tiger Zinda hai” recently. Fans always praise Their on-screen chemistry. They both have huge fan following, as compared to Salman Khan, Katrina has less fan following. In a recent interview, Salman Khan said that it was him, Akshay, amir and SRK who got stardom for so long. He thinks that Bollywood carries are over really soon, but they have had something extraordinary. They have been working in movies from 3 decades or more and still rule Bollywood.

Actor and director’s bonding

Salman Khan and Ali Abbas Zafar have always worked together and left the audience stunned. Their previous movie was the highest grossing Indian movie of this year.

They are hoping to achieve this title again. On Eid, people have Holidays and what is the best way to celebrate it other than watching Salman’s movie. People are going to rush towards cinema, and obviously, first, shows are always full. In Khan’s films, the theaters are still full even after bad trailers. Their fan following is so vast, and none is shattering that nothing can break them. After first shows, it depends on the reviews of how long movie is going to be in cinemas.

Tabu, Sunil Grover and Jackie Shroff

Other then Katrina and Salman’s movie have three other big names that you must know about. You all know Jackie Shroff and how back his filming actor goes. He was working in the industry from more than three decades and gave many hit movies. Sunil Grover has become one of the biggest comedians in India. He gave the appearance in many other films as well.

Sunil has a big fan following because of his acting skills. He was in Kapil Sharma show as doctor Mashoor Gulati and Chutki. People loved his acting characters and putting all of his efforts in character. You are going to love him working alongside Salman Khan.

Salman Khan’s previous movies didn’t go well

As far as the previous recent history of Salman Khan’s acting career is concerned, he didn’t give blockbuster after Bhai Jan. He gave flop movies even though his flop movies do more business than other actors hit movies. But his reputation is damaged as far as his career is concerned. This should be a record-breaking movie he wants to keep his name in good books of Bollywood.

He has considerable influence over who works in film and who does not. People worship him as their god, and his movies are celebrated as an event in India. You can imagine his image in India and the eyes of his fan. They respect him and watch every movie first-day first show.

The storyline of Bharat movie

The story of these movies is a circle around the 60 years of the life of a man. A man, who vowed to his father, that he will keep his family together and fulfills his promise till the age of 60. The movie will have some significant past events of Indian history. Partition of India and Pakistan is also going to be part of this movie.

Supporting characters will go around this man, and his struggles to keep his family together are going to be the main focus of the story. Well, his movies always have twists in it, and the director is well known for creating a beautiful film. We hope that this goes well for Salman Khan and his career. The film already has a good fan following, and first shows are going to be full. But it is utterly confusing to predict how long it is going to part of Indian cinema.

Priyanka walking out of Bharat

Priyanka was signed for this movie, and she walked away a year ago. Chopra was all over the headlines when she walked out on Bharat movie. Actor Salman Khan and producer were stunned by her actions. As she left the film, she got married to Nick and became a wife. Well, that’s her personal life, but Salman Khan said in an interview about her that she worked hard all her life. She worked hard in India, and when she had the biggest movie of her life, she ran away.

She got married after leaving the movie; girls leave her husband for such big chances. He couldn’t understand her reaction. Producers and director of the film say that they do not have any urges over her leaving the cinema. It was her choice, and she made it without any doubts. That is good for her getting settled and having kids.

What director Ali Abbas keeps in mind?

After big hit movies like “tiger Zinda hai” and Sultan, the actor and director are back together. In an interview, he said that he keeps the big image of Salman Khan in mind when he writes about his story. His fame is significant, and he tries to write a story that fits with his acting skills and make his stardom bigger. He is always acting like a big bodybuilder with massive muscles. That is why he was perfect for sultan movie and also for an action movie like tiger Zinda Hai. Movie release dates are too close.

The whole cast of Bharat is out for promotions going to different shows. Recently they were sited on Kapil Sharma’s show. Kapil Sharma’s show has become very popular in India. And that is why it is an excellent platform for promotions of the movie. Well, we wish good luck for this movie.

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