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Road Crash In China; 36 Died And Many Injured

A coach carrying sixty-nine people led to an accident in China. More than thirty (almost thirty-six) people died when the coach crashed into a truck. The road crash happened on Saturday morning in Jiangsu province of China.

Many passengers got injured in the coach, as per the officials. There were only three passengers in the truck.

Yixing public security bureau reported that the bus carried sixty-nine passengers on Saturday. The number taken was its maximum capacity. Coach crossed into oncoming traffic and suddenly hit the truck.

While driving, the truck suddenly came in the way at expressway located in eastern Jiangsu province.

A particular preliminary investigation found that a flat tire led to the accident. The front wheel of the bus on the left side was flat, as per the statement of bureau.

Among all the passengers, 36 died. Moreover, some got injured as well. Among them nine passengers got injured severely. Twenty-six got hurt slightly and people took them to the hospital. One of them discharged soon.

The Changchun Shenzhen expressway remained closed after the road crash. It reopened again after the investigations and rescue work.

Such accidents like road crash are becoming very common around the world, especially China. The reason for such happenings is violations of traffic regulations. In addition, there is no proper enforcement of laws in the country.

During the year 2015, almost 58,000 people were killed in such accidents as well as got injured, according to the authorities. All these accidents have one similar reason, that is, the violation of traffic laws.

Following and enforcing such laws can reduce the level of deaths that are increasing day by day.

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