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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Pakistan Visit: The Global Significance

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prince William and Kate Middleton are on a visit to Pakistan.

This visit holds a global significance when Pakistan is trying to take the center stage in world politics.

The Kensington palace said in a statement that given the logistical and security considerations, this was the most complex tour of royal couple.

According to the statement, the royal couple would learn more about the challenges and opportunities of the country.

They would also spend time in understanding the complex security picture in Pakistan.

At present, Pakistan is intensely involved in global affairs and security discussions with the world powers including US.

Moreover, president Trump had also requested Pakistani PM to mediate between US and Iran. Separately, PM Imran Khan is also on a mission to reduce tensions in gulf region.

In this connection, he met the Iranian leadership on Monday and has also visited KSA.

On the other hand, India is watching the royal trip with raised eyebrows. Since New Delhi has historically made efforts to isolate Pakistan on at international level.

Hence, this visit will pave the ways for building the positive image of Pakistan on the global stage.

The senior Indian journalist described the significance of the visit when FATF was mulling over the performance report of Pakistan.

Commenting on the video of PM Khan welcoming the royal couple in PM house, she raised doubts on Indian claim of isolating Pakistan at international level.


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