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Prescription Of Medications Online Needs To Get Safer

Online health providers need to provide people with accurate medication prescriptions. They do not offer proper medicines, and people are suffering because of it.

Nigel Parsley reported the issue to Health Secretary Matt Hancock. She said the complaint after a woman died after taking the opiate painkillers prescribed online.

The woman named Debbie Headspeath took those painkillers. The medications taken by her are dispensed in the pharmacies of the US.

The GP of woman, 41-years-old, was not aware of her taking the medications for pain. Now the report has been written to the Health Department by Suffolk corner to make an immediate action.

The Health department answered the complaint by saying that they cannot comment on the issue. Moreover, they said that as elections are going on, the next government is responsible for responding to the complaint.

Debbie was suffering from damage to her pancreas. The injury led to creating specific lung problems. In addition, she was taking codeine medications in a large amount. It caused the loss.

Medication was prescribed by her GP.

Her family tried to stop her from taking the medications. Rather than staying, she approached an online UK pharmacy to approach the medicines.

Apart from that, she was taking medicines from her GP as well.

According to her mother, Debbie spent more than £10,000 on the medications she bought from online pharmacies.

The mother wrote to the online pharmacy so she can investigate the death of her daughter.

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