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Pharrell Williams Says He Is Embarrassed About His Song “Blurred Lines”

Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke released their popular song, “Blurred Lines” six years ago. The song was controversial but quite popular as well.

The singer, Pharrell says that he realized that some of his songs catered towards a sexist culture. He also reported that he had no idea before about why people called the song rapey.

Later on, he realized the cause. There are some men who prefer using the similar language like in the lyrics of the song when taking advantage of a woman.

Pharrell’s song “Blurred lines” was also criticized by a lot of people. They considered the lyrics of song as non-consensual sex.

Different universities banned the song as well. An advert which featured the song and models from the video were also excluded from daytime TV in year 2013.

The singer said during an interview with GQ magazine that he was a person born in completely different era. Things that were allowed during that time can never fly in the present.

He also said that he would never play or write any of such songs in this era. Blurred lines was a turning point for Pharrell Williams but he admitted the fact that he was not aware about why the song received a backlash by a few people.

May women loved the song and were used to sing it as well, said the singer. So what is the point of it being called rapey?

The song “Blurred Lines” spent more than five weeks at number one in the UK charts. Previously, Pharrell defended the lyrics of his song.

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