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Pavel Ustinov’s Prison Sentence Changed After Appeal

A Russian actor jailed for more than three years because of injuring a police officer. The actor is now given a one-year suspended sentence on appeal.

More than 20,000 people came out and took part in a rally happening in Moscow. All of them demanded in the protests that Russian detained should be released.

The supporters of actor, Pavel Ustinov, say that he was an innocent bystander who was caught up in a demonstration.

Moscow city court has changed the actor’s prison sentence into one-year suspension because of the pro-democracy rallies. But the actor will be put on a two-year probation period, according to court.

Ustinov and his lawyer requested the court to free him entirely. They say that the conviction of injuring law officer was utterly unjust.

Ustinov’s imprisonment and prison sentence lead to rising an outcry among the entertainment community. Not only among them, but also among teachers, priests and a few members from Moscow city council.

Many actors used the social media platform so they can protest for Ustinov. Also, the famous movie director, Andrei Zvyagintsev, appealed to the president of the country on behalf of the actor.

On Monday, a panel of three judges watched the video of the actor during the appeal hearing. The footage shows Ustinov standing in the center of Moscow. He was looking at his phone completely unaware about Rosgvardia national guard closing in on him.

The video appears backing up the claims of the actor. The judges decided to agree on suspension but did not overturn the verdict.

Pavel Ustinov said that he was very thankful to everyone who supported him. He also told that he was not guilty of any crime.

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