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Pakistan economy to stabilize in few days: Firdos Ashiq Awan

In the past few weeks, the rupee price has increased significantly. And so does the prices of the commodities and services in Pakistan. People of Pakistan needed to hear something like that, as Firdos away spoke today about the stability of the economy. The good news was out when Miss Firdos claimed that the cabinet has approved a plan and government is going to act on it. The results will come soon, and we will see stability in the economy. Many people in business and investors were worried about their investments, and they were thinking of closing their business. She said that the government has a plan now and it will soon make a difference in the situation.

Politics of people instead of politics of personalities

In her conference, she took charge and said that many opposition leaders are trying to use these circumstances to criticize PM.  She said even in the PML-N Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, and MR Nawaz Sharif has different narratives.

Talking about the opposition, Dr. Awan said all opposition parties lacked cohesion. “Let alone other parties, even within the PML-N all leaders – Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, and Maryam Nawaz – have different narratives and are harping on various tones,” she claimed

Furthermore, she added that that time had gone when there was politics of personalities and parties. Now there is only one agenda and politics for people of Pakistan only. People who are trying to criticize Imran Khan are just mocker. They have nothing in hand. The economy will stabilize soon, and they will see.

The country is under able Leader Imran Khan

She said the country is under able hands and people should not worry about it. The thing will change, and everything will come back in line. Government just needs a little more time for implementing the plans. As Imran Khan said that he wants businessman to come in Pakistan and invest here. He surly has plan for creating a business likely environment where businessman get more profit. More business open in Pakistan means that there are more tax payers and government can become independent of loans. That is why the government I making plans to make the economy stable and encourage more investor to come here. There should be a lot of new factory openings, and small and large business should prevail.

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