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Nine People Jailed For Smuggling Fentanyl To The US

A landmark joint investigation in China caught nine people smuggling fentanyl into the US. Chinese and American officers did an investigation. All of them are jailed.

Previously in August, US President Donald Trump spoke about the opium shipped to the US. He said that China is not working enough to stop the usage of the drug. It is much more potent than heroin.

Now, the Chinese and American officers worked together on this case. It is for the first time they are working together, told the Chinese court.

More than 100,000 lack people in America are killed due to opium usage, according to Trump. But the US authorities told that this figure is even less.

After the investigation, results were announced in Xingtai, a city in the northern part of China.

Out of the nine people, one of them was given a suspended death sentence. It means for a life-time in the jail. Two of them received life sentences. While the remaining six received lesser sentences. They were sentenced in between six months to ten years in prison.

The smuggling of fentanyl is one of the reasons for increased drug addiction in the US. It is typically used as a painkiller. But the usage is only approved when severe pain. Usually, fentanyl is used in the treatment of diseases like cancer.

It is cheaper than other drugs. People usually use it when they are not able to get other drugs legally. Deaths of many people in the US are due to the presence of fentanyl in cocaine, said the US government.

The investigation did this time led to three of the significant criminal arrests. Mr. Moore said that this success of the inquiry shows that both countries can collaborate across international borders as well.

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