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New Breed of Apples, Cosmic Crisp, Can Last For A Year

It took two decades to launch an apple that can last for a year. It is a new breed of apples with the ability to last for a year in a fridge. The sale of this breed with a start in the US on Sunday.

The new breed of apples is named as Cosmic Crisp. It is a crossbreed of Honey-crisp and Enterprise. For the first time, this breed was cultivated in Washington state university in the year 1997.

$10m were spent for the launch of this new breed named Cosmic Crisp.

From the next decade, farmers in Washington are allowed to grow and plant Cosmic Crisp on their farms.

Kate Evans, who co-led the apple breeding program, talked about it. She said that it is an ultra-crisp apple with a balanced taste of sweet and tart. The plus point is that it is very juicy.

She further told that the fruit could stay fine if kept in the refrigerator, it can maintain decent quality for more than nine months up to a year.

Till now, more than twelve million trees of this fruit are planted. But all of them are within Washington. No other part of the country or world is yet allowed to grow them.

It is because of a strict licensing system.

Washington is the past of the US famous for its supply of apples. It has a lot of varieties of apples, including Golden Delicious and Red Delicious.

Now it is growing another new breed of apples, Cosmic Crisp.

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