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New battery design can charge an electric car in 10 minutes

The scientists in the US have claimed a technological breakthrough that will solve the concerns regarding electric vehicles.

They have designed a new battery that could charge an electric car in 10 minutes.

Researchers at the Pennsylvania state university released a journal joule on Wednesday. The journal said that such a speedy charge rate required a battery to rapidly take in 400 kilowatts of energy.

But the current generation vehicles are not capable of this feat. The reason is that it risks the lithium plating which can severely deteriorate the battery life.

Therefore, to get around this feat, researchers raised the temperature of their experimental battery to 60 degrees Celsius.

However, makers will need to make sure that rapidly raising the temperature is safe. Also, it does not lead to the explosion.

A member of the American chemical society said that scaling up the design and bringing it to market can take a decade.

He said that fast charging was one of the holy grail of electric vehicles. It is one of the necessary things for them to compete with petroleum-fueled engines.



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