Netflix has passed 500 million installs on The Google Play Store

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The famous media streaming app Netflix has passed half a billion installs on the play store and has achieved a mega milestone.

While this is not the exact figure of how many people use the service it’s still a huge achievement. Netflix earned around 11.69 billion US Dollars in 2017 and it is on the path to making more this year. Every quarter of the year Netflix’s profits skyrocket thanks to the vast collection of content.

Netflix has a large number of subscribers and there the main source of income, while services like HULU, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Now are big in streaming business it is no doubt that Netflix is the biggest streaming company of them all.

Netflix is also the 15th most popular app on the play store and has the top spot for streaming apps.

Now do keep in mind that though Netflix achieved a big number but it doesn’t mean that this is the number of paying subscribers.

You can download Netflix from the link below:

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