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Myanmar Faces Genocide Lawsuit at Top UN Court

On Monday, Myanmar faced accusations of genocide at the UN top court in the landmark lawsuit Gambia filed at the UN.

The court gave the verdict over the Southeast Asian nation’s treatment of Rohingya Muslims.

Gambia said it was acting on behalf of 57 nation organization of Islamic cooperation in bringing the case against Myanmar before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in Hague.

The lawsuit mainly accused Buddhist Myanmar of breaching the 1948 UN genocide convention. They breached the convention through a brutal military campaign targeting the Rohingya minority in Rakhine state.

The 2017 crackdown forced more than 740,000 Rohingya to flee over the border into the camps in Bangladesh.

According to the United Nations investigators, such kind of violence amounts to “genocide”.

The justice minister, Abubacarr said in a statement that the Gambia was taking this action to seek justice and accountability for the genocide the Myan mar government was committing against the Rohingya.

Gambia’s lawyers said that the court was to hold its first hearing in December for urgent interim measures to protect Rohingya against further harm.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Watch hailed the move by saying that it was the first judicial scrutiny of Myanmar’s alleged crimes.

It further added that the court’s prompt adoption of provisional measures could help stop the worst ongoing abuse in Myanmar.

Details of the lawsuit:

The lawsuit asks the ICJ to order Myanmar to cease and desist from its genocidal acts.

Moreover, it asked to punish the perpetrators and to provide reparations for Rohingya victims.

Moreover, Gambia’s justice ministry said that Myanmar had failed to meet its obligations to prevent and to punish genocide.

Meanwhile, other attempts to bring Myanmar to justice over the allegations of crimes have so far stalled.

The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court had launched a preliminary investigation into Myanmar in 2018. But it filed no charges yet.

However, the ICJ previously dealt with a genocide case when Bosnia brought a lawsuit against Serbia in the 1990s.

The ICJ was set up in 1946 after the world-war 2 to adjudicate in disputes between UN member countries.

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