Modi begins talks for new cabinet after big election win.

Modi won the election with a majority

The votes are done, and results are out and mostly in favor of BJP. BJP won 292 seats out of 542 seats. In previous elections, BJP won 282 seats. In these elections, they got ahead with 7 more seats. And after the win, Modi has instantly begun talks with the senior leader of the BJP to form a new cabinet. We don’t know what Modi is up to, but the analyst says that India’s economy is not going in good numbers. Modi needs to put attention towards this issue as soon as possible. Now he must divert his attention from the election campaign.

Back to Back win since 1984

BJP has become the only party to win with the majority back to back since 1984, and that brings greater responsibility. Liquidity issues are rising in India, and the growth rate is down to 6.6 percent annual. Global oil prices are increasing. The macroeconomic picture of the country looks stable, but there is something that Gov. should pay attention to.

“While the macroeconomic picture looks stable and promising, many important segments need support from the government,” BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav wrote in a column in the Indian Express newspaper.

“India cannot completely remain insulated from the ongoing trade war between the US and China or the geo-strategic conflict between the US and Iran,” he added.

BJP president Amit Shah becomes a Home minister

BJP’s president who has been credited with crafting and polishing the political strategy of BJP. He helped the party to retain its base in the western and northern India. Also, he has got the most powerful post of Home Minister. Amit Shah has control over the security and intelligence services of India. He is expected to monitor the task he has given as nicely as he did the presidency of BJP. The post required a highly skilled person, and Amit Shah is the best candidate for this post. He has done so much for his party. He deserved it.

Rahul Gandhi faces Backlash

The most significant opposition was Rahul Gandhi’s Congress, but he lost his seat in Uttar, and that brought a huge fire of taunt on him. Many leaders are saying why he hasn’t resigned yet, and others are saying that Congress needs a new leader.
“It is astonishing. That Rahul Gandhi did not resign as Congress president.” “Both self-respect and political pragmatism demand that the Congress should elect a new leader. But perhaps the Congress has neither,” historian Ramachandra said on Twitter. It is clear what the opposition leader is getting after losing the election. He might lose his seat in the Congress as well. That is all politics, and we cannot say what is going to happen in the next moment. Leaders come and go, but all we need is that what is best in the interest of India.

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