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Marvel’s Real Life Super Hero “STAN LEE” Died at 95

The editor and writer of the Marvel’s super hit movies creator Stan Lee died at the age of 95.
He was the co creation of the marvel’s movies Spider Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, and The Avenger’s.
He Joined Marvel or working with Marvels from 1960 and give concepts to make movies on the super hero. But in real he was a real life super hero who give Hollywood industry new concepts by getting more fans into Hollywood.

stan lee died at 95

He was diagnosed with bout of pneumonia and vision of tissues. His new movie SPIDER MAN: into the Spider-verse will be launched in next month.
His wife Joan died at 69 in 2017 and he was survived by his daughter. His daughter has confirmed that her father is dead.
Also she told the media that lee(My Father) was one of the greatest fan followers, because he loved his fans, he is most decent and the best man on planet.

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