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Malaysian Air Plane MH370 could have been routed wrong way

Aviation experts said the lost Malaysian air plane Boeing 777 could have been routed to wrong way. While the plane had to travel south but it is moving to north.

They said research expert assumptions was wrong and they believe its heading to south but its really traveled to north because its transmitted to north and crashed in the Indian ocean.

The missing Malaysian air plane Boeing 377 take off from kuala lampur to Beijing on march 8, 2014 and 239 passengers were travelling included overseas. There were 227 total passengers and 12 were crew members.


The investigators said from last four years we were researching on it and we found the thing why plane was heading to north while it had to move south, because the Inmarsat data could have been falsified that’s why plane disappeared and move out from the radars.

Inmarsat data was perfect the company spokesman said and we are full confident about the data they provided to investigators.

Another research expert Daniel boyer believes that he has triggered the plane to Cambodian jungle having carried out analysis of the plane’s measurement and satellite images.

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