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Legendary Mexican Singer Jose Dies From Cancer At 71

Legendary Mexican singer Jose Jose, known as the “prince of song”, dies from pancreatic cancer at the age of 71. Mexican artists’ association ANDI confirmed the death on the twitter post on Saturday.

With his soulful voice and melancholic ballads, he moved the audiences to tears. He was an elegant dresser. He used to wear suits with bow ties. The people of Latin America copied his style of wearing pocket handkerchiefs and silk scarves. 

Family background:

Jose’s real name was Jose Romula Soza Ortiz. He was born to the family of musicians on Feb 17, 1948 Mexico. His mother was a concert pianist and his father was a tenor in the National Opera of Mexico.

He added the second Jose to his name in the honor of his father. His father died when he was 17.His father abandoned the family when he was young.

In his interview in 2005, he expressed the sorrow over his father not being able to live enough to see his success.

Career background:

Jose started his music career by singing in the cafes before founding his rock band “The Heart Breakers”. Through this rock group, he launched an unsuccessful album in mid-60’s.

His career peaked in 1980’s through his albums like “Secrets”. This was his best selling album that was launched by the collaboration of Spanish song composer.

Personal life tragedies:

He struggled with Lyme disease, facial paralysis, abuse and depression. He also had the problems of alcohol and drugs. Hence, the drug addiction started creating problems in his married life.

Therefore, he parted ways with his wife Anel Norina after the marriage of 18 years. Due to his miserable plight, his friends intervened and took him to an addiction treatment centre. The artist married again in 1995 to a Cuban-American Sarita Salazar. The following year, the couple had a daughter, Sara.

Contributions to the Industry:

The power of his voice and the ability to sing technically difficult tunes made him a treasured cultural icon in Latin America. His music also became popular in countries like Russia and Japan.

He was nominated on multiple occasions for Grammy but never obtained the prize. The Latin recording academy honored the singer with Musical Excellence prize at 2004 Latin Grammy awards.

The same year, he received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Tributes to the singer:

The death of Jose hit hard on Mexico. Fans paid tributes to the singer after knowing of his death in front of his monument in Mexico.

Latin music star Gloria Estefan said on twitter that Jose left an indelible mark on the world of music. Mexican president said that he was an extraordinary singer. He further said that he was sad to hear the news of Jose’s death. 

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