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Lebanon Protest: Demanding A Non-Sectarian Government

Lebanon has been rocked by anti-government protests happening for several weeks. The protest happening now is the most massive seen protest in the decade.

After the civil war ended, demonstrations have never cut across sectarian lines. But this rare happening phenomenon is now observed at the protests. People belonging to different sectors from around the country are involved.

The reason for the massive crowd at the protest is their leader’s failure. All of them are angry at their leader. It is because he was unable to deal with the increasing prices, the ailing economy, and the high ratio of unemployment in the country.

They say that the country is full of corruption, and the public provided with the worst services. Nobody is dealing with it properly.

The citizens of Lebanon are forcing the prime minister, Saad Hariri, to resign from his post. Now they want more. They say that the political system should now be better.

An independent and non-sectarian government should be formed.

However, these protests are not something new for Lebanon’s citizens. They have been facing an absolute crisis before, as well. Mass demonstrations were observed after the death of the former prime minister, Rafik Hariri, as well.

The blame for the attack was put on to the Syrian government by Lebanese. It led to many protests in the country against them. As a result, Syrian troops who stationed for 29 years in the country were withdrawn.

Another series of protests was observed a decade later. It was due to the closing of the main landfill by the authorities. No other alternative of it was arranged, and streets filled with rubbish. Hence, it led to protests.

Now people are demanding accountability from leaders of every sect. All of them means all of them, says one of their slogans.

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