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Layering Tips of Stylish Men You Should Do this Spring/Summer

Today, I’m going to tell you how you can layer to keep that same level of style during spring/summer. So, you can show off to your friends. Let’s hop in.

Number #1

A quick technique you can the layer doesn’t have to be over complex. It’s adding one layer atop another. So, something new can do add a casual shirt over a t-shirt. One quick tip you want to do is make sure you embrace colors. When you do this keep in mind that you are transitioning from those muted from fall and winter and to brighter colors from spring. Some are putting a colorful or heavy printed piece over a subdued base layer gives your style and outfit a sort of panache – something you can’t get during winter.

Number #2

The essential layer is the base layer. No, it’s not even the actual layer you see because you can’t see. That layer doesn’t mean you don’t count it towards your layering effort for summer. Arguably, your most crucial layer will be your base layer. This is the foundation of your outfit. Also, it’s going to help you keep comfortable and avoid any sweat form hot day. I recommend Sloan undershirts because they are made from Cyro-Micro Mowed off the fabric. Its fabric is ultra-soft and 50% more breathable than a regular con. You can even layer it under a T-shirt.

Number #3

The third way you can layer for spring/summer is to take advantage of lightweight jackets. Specifically, the technical one is a huge trend at this moment. It perfect for you to take advantage of because the technical one is lightweight, breathable, and windproof material. In other words, that’s ideal for warmer temperatures & perfect for you to layer during the summer. Also, throw in some 90s brand, and they’re like sportswear brands. Thus, you’re going to be a streetwear king if you’re not into a street where there’re other lightweight jackets.

Number #4

It’s all about Texture – one layering rule that doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer. You’re going to want to follow, and it’s that you want to play with your textures to make outfits more styling. You don’t want to be the guy wearing linen pants, linen shirt & linen jacket, do you? I bet you don’t. It’s super breathable, but it won’t work because there’s no contrast. So, you want to play with different fabrics and textures to make your outfit pop. Thus, it adds complexity to your outfit and makes you stylish than average.

Number #5

As said before, its summer and it’s hot. So, if you’re even thinking about adding layers, you need to make sure that each is breathable to allow air flow. Also, make sure you’re not a sweaty mat. Thus, the best way to do so is to look for open weave or lightweight fabric. It’s better for you because of the airflow that’s going to flow.

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