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Kyile Jenner with her 17K dress on a dinner: what else do you expect?

Kylie Jenner is always doing more than expected as this is not the first time that she spent a huge amount on just to attend a dinner. She is business women, model, a reality show star and also running a cosmetic brand. Well, this amount is not big for her to spend overnight. But for most of us, it is a fortune that she just spend to attend a dinner party. Sheer neon was the host of the dinner, and her dress got her into the news on the internet everywhere.

Julian Macdonald’s Designed Dress

Going out for dinner? Why not wear something that takes you to the news. Well, this might be her plan. She was wearing Julian Macdonald’s designed dress worth $16917; the neon orange mini was from Julian’s brand spring 2019 collection. It had pointed shoulders outward, and sleeves were deep to the fingers and deeply plunging cleavage line. She never is all over the internet again. She never misses a chance to make her fans crazy.

It was a see-through dress, which was making Kylie breathtaking. The tiny beaded embellishments were creating a crocodile skin effect that barely covered her body.  As compared to her expensive dress she was wearing only $760 heels Yeezy season 8.

Kylie’s her own Brand Ambassador

If you go through her Instagram page, you will see she is always camera ready. Her selfies that make controversies and her perfect figures make it spicy. Her looks are her best marketing products. She owns a fashion brand, and she just looks like she owns it. A Kylie cosmetic is expanding, and she is a self-made billionaire and a mother. But still, she has managed to keep her stunning body the way it was before.

She never misses a chance to show off in public that she has a perfect body, and she is not ashamed of it. Wearing long cleavage and the see-through dress is proof that she knows what she is. She is a Selfie Queen with her perfect lips and pouts she rules her Instagram.  Her new product line came out recently name “’Kylie Skin” it was all sold in hours because of her image.

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