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Kidney Weighing 7.4kg Removed by Indian Doctors

A kidney weighing 7.4kg was removed by the doctors of India from a patient. It weighs equal to two newborn babies.

According to sources, it is the heaviest weighed kidney removed in India yet. All the others consider between 120-150kg, not more.

The kidney was removed from a patient suffering from a condition. The condition is named as Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease. In this condition, the organ of the patient is fully covered with cysts.

One of the doctors involved in the surgery talked about it. He said that patients with this condition usually have kidneys with a heavyweight.

The kidneys among such patients are not removed until they face internal bleeding and infection. It is because before such symptoms kidney can perform at least a few filtering functions.

In this patient’s body, the kidney got severely infected, told Dr. Sachin Kathuria. He said that the patient was not responding to antibiotics. Also, the increased size of the organ was interfering with the breathing of the patient.

There was no other choice but to remove the kidney.

The doctors were already expecting a large kidney before the operation. Still, the size of the organ after the procedure left the doctors with a surprise.

The kidney was even more significant than their expectations.

The most heavyweight kidney, according to the Guinness World Records, weighs 4.5kg. Apart from this, a few urology journals believe that kidneys are weighing more than 4.5kg.

A kidney in the US weighed more than 9kg, and another one was from the Netherlands weighing 8.7kg.

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