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John wick 3 ParaBellum: 4 reasons you shouldn’t skip this action movie

#1 The mighty Director

What would you expect when an action movie is directed by one of the best stunt mans. The action gets the mixture of thrill. Even though it was first movie of the director but it did great on the box office. A huge turnover was seen at box office in initial day.

Chad Stahelski provided one of the best action movies. And proved it that he knew what he was doing all along. Moreover, we expect him to do more movies like this and give us doze of the thrill and Goosebumps.

#2 The mighty Actor

Keanu Reeves was famous for his work in matrix and after his appearance in john wick he changed is title and position in the minds of his fan. He is a big actor and his name is far enough for any action movie. But there are many big names joined him in john wick 3.

Some of these are Halle berry, Laurance fishburne, Mark Dacascos, Asia kate, Dillon, lance Reddick, Saïd Taghmaoui, jerome Flynn,Tobias segal, Boban Marjanović, Anjelica Huston and Ian Mcshane. Hence, Chapter 3 of John wick is full of bright stars that make this movie more attractive and one of biggest reasons to not skip it.

#3 High stakes

First two parts of the movie are about the story how he ended up in big trouble. Third part is war, as it is clear from the name; Para Bellum is Latin word which means prepare for the war. It was cut out from a phrase that, if you want peace, prepare for the war. In this chapter he is mostly running and hiding from the killer because he has $14 million prize on his head. That brings the thrill in the movie as john does not know who is going to attack him.

#4 More dogs in action

We all cried at one point in the 1st chapter where they killed his dog and we wanted him to succeed in revenge. It was his dog who brought him back into assassin business. He was happily living his life and one day a guy stole his car and killed his dog. Also, Thief was unaware of what he is doing and paid for it later. However, John succeeded in killing the person who stole his car and killed his dog. In 3rd chapter of john wick there are three dogs by the side of female assassin. Director said she is a dog trainer and she commands the dog in whole movie no one else from behind the camera.

Overall this entire movie is full package of entertainment and thrill. Movie is breaking records overall in the world and it would continue to do this. John wick’s 4th chapter is announced and will be released after 2 years of time.

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